Saturday, 7 April 2012

Let me introduce you to my blog :)

Hello dear readers,

I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long time and have been pathetic in my attempts to make it happen! Curently my youngest daughter is asleep and my husband is at the Park with my eldest daughter. For some reason i felt that today was the day i needed to make the jump and get it started, if not now when? I believe that this blog will be somewhat of an outlet for me. A place to explore and document my musings on life and write reviews on books i have read. I don't know how often i will post but i imagine it will be as and when, children permitting. I hope to hear from you all and am looking forward to grabbing this bull by the horns! Your creative feedback and general responses will keep me commited and i would greatly value them! This little blog may contain anything related to motherhood, art, novels ... heck it may even stretch to and lightly touch upon makeup and fashion. So sit back and enjoy the read ;) I look forward to experiencing this blogging journey with you all.

love in abundance,


  1. Hello, I am Malika. You are off to a good start. Found you on a blog hop.
    I love to read reviews. I do some when I have a free moment. You are great at it. Keep it up. If you want to find some free Kindles and gift back to the authors, I get notifications at times. You can link to some whom I follow on Twitter. @unwrittenbook
    My blog is
    I'm old and practical.

  2. Hi!
    Snap on the blog design!! :) I have just started out too, and I really like the sound of your blog! Can't wait for the first posts to be published! However, I can't find anywhere to follow it on your page?
    I'm Kristi...21 from Essex, by the way! :) If you'd like to check mine out, it is!